Who are we?

PSYCH ZINE is an open collective of artists, witches, weirdos, and all-around badasses.

What’s our deal?

Our intention is to share our stories with the world, expressing ourselves through art, wondering whether or not ghosts are real, removing the stigma on less-spoken about mental illnesses, and giving our readers and contributors a space to be anything and everything they want to be.

What’s with the guy behind the curtain?

Shaelyn here, tapping away from behind the curtain in her Kmart dressing gown and monster slippers. I work on PSYCH ZINE from my tiny Gothic safe haven in Canberra, Australia, running every inch of this project straight out of pocket for fun. You can lurk my Instagram (and essentially every other social media platform) @shaelyntracy.

Stay tuned for exclusive interviews, tales of the macabre, and that unfriendly entity lurking in the shadows of your apartment.